University Scouting offers tutoring services for students who want to improve their academic reading, researching or writing skills in the following subject areas only – English, History, and World Studies. Dr. Caroline Clarke and staff are available at mutually convenient times to help and support a client wanting to improve their academic standing.
Tutoring fees begin at $100/hour (if we come to you) or $80/hour (if you come to us)
University Scouting will assist students in need of help with the final editing of essays and presentations. Our fee structure is based on electronic transfer of draft documents. Fees begin at $50/hour – with quick turnaround.*

* This does not mean you can wait to the last moment! If the assignment is received within 24 hours of the assignment being due for submission, University Scouting does not guarantee it will be returned with comments or corrections.

For more information or to schedule an appointment email Dr. Caroline Clarke at drcmclarke@gmail.com or phone 778-378-8407