Tour Services

University Campus Tours: (Please note these have been suspended due to travel restrictions and campus policy)University.Scouting.logo

  • Informative Tours arranged for a particular group or individuals. Tour participants will attend an information session and campus tour at each campus. When possible, individual program tours will be arranged based on academic majors selected by the participants. Tours can be taken with University Scouting staff, or unaccompanied tours can be planned for families. Pricing varies, please arrange a meeting to discuss your individual needs.
  • Select Interviews/Meetings can be organized, when possible for an additional fee, with Admissions, Departments and Sports Coaches. 
  • Variety of campus tours – All major US Universities e.g. Ivy League, Big Ten, NCAA as well as local and state funded colleges.
  • Presentations by faculty, admissions, and student services i.e. learning skills, tutoring, housing, will be arranged when possible for an additional fee.
  •  Attending a class, when possible if participants want to take part in a class this will be booked in advance for an additional fee

Campus Life:

  • Campus and City Life will be explored to gain a better understanding of the amenities offered by both.
  • Exploring on/off campus housing and university services (films nights, theatre, and student clubs)
  • Briefings can be arranged at the client’s request for issues surrounding campus security.
  • Meetings with our former Can-Am Prep Test Academy and Select College Admissions students – these will give students the opportunity to talk openly with current university students that can discuss academic pitfalls, transition from home to university life, social life, and professors’ expectations. 

City Tours:

  • The geographical context of the university academic experience can be as important as the institution the student chooses to attend; we strive to meet that need.
  • Off campus housing information will be available at the request of the client and will include neighborhood assessments, access to the university.
  • Client(s), upon request, will be referred to an independent contractor providing an assessment of local and campus law enforcement and public safety concerns.
  • Whenever possible trips will incorporate local tours and attendance at cultural events e.g. New York – United Nations, Statue of Liberty, Museums, and Broadway shows, etc. at an additional fee.

Security Analysis & Intelligence Gathering:

In light of recent well publicized threats and actual occurrences on & off campuses throughout North America, we consult with University Security staff, as well as local law enforcement officials. We are able to provide:

  • A thorough assessment of campus safety and security to ensure students are informed and able to experience a “safe and secure environment” while attending the University of their choice.
  • A thorough assessment of safety & security at the student’s residence on or off campus, as well as surrounding areas.
  • Complete background inquiries regarding potential roommates to determine any issues of concern.
  • Information on the University’s “Policies & Procedures” as they relate to safety & security issues.
  • Continued assistance to student’s family while attending university if issues surface.