Why parents should send their children on a tourUniversity.Scouting.logo

As a parent you want your child to make an informed decision about their future. What better way for them to fully understand where they will be spending the next three to four years of their life then to visit the university campuses. This is going to be their home away from home, and they need to explore the new environment which includes the campus and the potential city they choose to live in. Students will investigate the campuses academic offerings, geographical layout and student services that the university offers. Our tours will extend this evaluation to the city to include neighborhoods where off-campus housing is located, amenities those areas have (for example food stores, entertainment, and laundry services), transportation factors, and culture.

For some this will be their first time living on their own. Many first year students can experience “culture shock”.  University Scouting is offering an opportunity for students to become comfortable with their decision and giving them first-hand knowledge of what to expect when they move to their choice of university.