Our Philosophy

University.Scouting.logoAt University Scouting, our purpose is to provide students the opportunity to explore and examine potential university campuses in real time, allowing them to make an informed decision on their future academic choices. We, at University Scouting provide a professional academic environment, giving parents peace of mind that their child will be supervised and cared for while they discover, investigate and survey, the academic programs, campuses and cities where they hope to broaden their intellectual knowledge and prospects.

University Scouting’s team members work collaboratively with public and private universities to provide services to students seeking an undergraduate education in Canada and the U.S. We provide a service that expands current educational guidance systems by providing the opportunity to explore campus life in the context of higher student academic learning. Our purpose is to collaborate with, and complement high school programs by providing students the opportunity to tour and scout their potential higher educational institutions and the geographical context in which those institutions reside. We see our role as one of partnering with parents to offer students the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity of campus life and academic offerings.

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