About Us

Dr. Caroline Clarke

University.Scouting.logoCaroline Clarke is the founder of University Scouting, a Canadian company, based in Vancouver B.C. Caroline has over a decade of experience studying and teaching at universities in Canada and the United Kingdom, and has visited many American university campuses. The enthusiasm she has for higher education is contagious, and will make visiting university and college campuses fun, while also learning about what the future has in store. Caroline will bring awareness, understanding and knowledge to those who take her tours and engage with her on campus life.

Caroline attended Trent University in Peterborough Ontario, completing her bachelor’s degree with honours in both Political Science and Women’s Studies. She then obtained her Master’s Degree in International Relations and International Political Economy at the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom. Caroline completed her doctoral degree at the Brussels School of International Studies in Brussels, Belgium.


Bibi Malek

Bibi Malek is an independent educational consultant who specializes in U.S. university admission.  She is a graduate of Brown University and holds a Master’s Degree in education from Harvard University.  Having lived in the United States for over fifteen years, Bibi has tremendous insight into what makes for a successful college application and the key differentiators which university admissions officers are looking for.  Bibi is the founder and principal advisor of Select College Admissions in West Vancouver. She was formerly an interviewer and area chair, coordinating all interviews for Brown University’s Alumni Schools Committee in British Columbia.  Bibi is married to an M.I.T. alumnus and has the very personal experience of guiding their two sons through their successful application process to Stanford University (undergraduate admissions and graduate school) and to Rice University.  Bibi brings her expertise and insight to each and every encounter.  She keeps up to date on trends in college admissions, reviewing each student’s profile, providing individualized feedback as well as guidance and support on standardized test schedules, summer activities, recommendation letters, and other important factors.  She identifies a list of prospective universities based on fit and chances of admission.  Finally, she provides help with the college essays by making suggestions as to possible topics and encourages students to refine and enrich the contents of their application and essays.  Bibi’s familiarity with American universities and colleges and her experience with admission trends provide a wealth of knowledge to assist families in the complicated university application process.  Bibi is dedicated to finding the right academic, social and emotional fit for every student whether they are seeking admission to U.S. or Canadian universities.


Frazer Roland

Frazer Roland is the founder of Can-Am Test Prep Academy, a test prep organization known for its extraordinary results and the care and attention it gives to each and every student.  He has over a decade of experience tutoring all the components of the SAT.  From 2003 to 2005, he worked in the Washington D.C. area, Florida, and New York, teaching for one of the largest SAT prep organization in the U.S.  He has now made Vancouver his home and tutors  the SAT and ACT, having perfected his unique PowerPoint system of teaching. Frazer attended the University of British Columbia and Capilano University in BC.  Having completed an honours degree in the Biological Sciences, he wrote his thesis on the Effects of Web-based Learning on Medical Student Performance for his degree from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Frazer has designed an electronic teaching version for SAT and ACT preparation (including SAT Subject test prep for Math I & II) which he uses to help train students for these standardized tests.  His PowerPoint presentations allow him to cover more ground in all the components of the SAT and ACT during each class.  This visual approach to instruction is highly effective with today’s tech-oriented youth and students are able to increase their scores after completing his course.  Frazer’s students have gone on to successfully gain admission to American colleges and universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, Duke, USC, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, Vassar, UC Berkeley, Barnard, Pomona and others.


Robert H. Woodman

Bob Woodman

Robert H. (Bob) Woodman, CFE is President and founder of Berkeley International Intelligence Inc., an International Investigation / Security Consulting firm working in close relationship with University Scouting to ensure a safe and secure experience for students while attending University.  Bob has been a licensed Private Investigator / Security Consultant since 1968 and over the years he has been routinely retained to conduct comprehensive assessments and analysis of “safety and security” within the campuses of various colleges and universities throughout North America to identify existing “risks and vulnerabilities”.  Assessments of this nature are also invaluable to students’ families during their decision making process. Mr. Woodman works closely with Campus Security and local Law Enforcement Officials while conducting these assessments.